Clinical Osteopathy training at The London School of Osteopathy
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Practical Clinical Training

We believe that in order to become good practitioners, students must be exposed to a wide variety of patients.

The London School of Osteopathy is unusual in that students we get involved in our clinic activities from their first semester.

This invaluable experience is gained in our busy community clinic in East London. Offering subsidised osteopathy treatment, it caters to people of all ages and walks of life, and is highly valued by local residents.  

After practising the hands-on elements in the classroom on each other, students have the opportunity to practise on real patients as they become more proficient.

Our community osteopathic clinic has 8 treatment rooms, and is staffed by 3 clinic tutors and reception staff each day. It is conveniently located in Bethnal Green, 3 minutes’ walk from the tube station (central line), and served by many buses.

It is highly valued by local residents and caters to people of all ages and walks of life.

Clinic Hours

As a student, you will undertake a minimum of 1,000 hours in the teaching clinic, and 1,200 hours if you are studying for the M.Ost. There is a minimum number of hours required at each stage of the course. The time you spend in the clinic increases each year enabling you to apply and embed the knowledge and skills acquired in class. Some hours must be completed over the summer period, to prevent skill attrition.

The clinic is open for extended hours Monday to Friday, and on non-teaching Saturdays. Part-time students can sign up for early, middle and late shifts, and as far as practicable select their attendance patterns, to suit their needs and preferences. Full-time students have a more prescribed attendance pattern.

“It’s been surprising how much depth there is to osteopathy and how much there is to learn. Working at the clinic has been a brilliant experience ….as you get used to it you start to relate to your patients and see the difference you make.”

Tobias, background: member of the Danish Army