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Building careers, transforming lives

The London School of Osteopathy has been training osteopaths for over 70 years. We began as a specialist part-time college teaching mature students looking for a career change. In recent years we have expanded to offer a full-time study option.


Why choose Osteopathy as a career?

  • Osteopathy is recognised as an Allied Health Profession by NHS England. Osteopaths may work alongside other health professions in multi-disciplinary practices or work on their own.
  • Osteopathy is a gentle and effective hands-on approach to healthcare, based on the principle that the way your body moves influences how it functions.
  • Osteopaths treat a wide range of patients from babies to the elderly. Patients visit an osteopath seeking pain relief. Some patients will have ongoing underlying conditions such as arthritis, others will be seeking treatment for pain relating to an injury or accident. An osteopath is trained to treat pain anywhere in the body that may be caused by the musculoskeletal system.

Think your qualifications mean you are eligible to study? Then think again?

Our students are aged from 18yrs – 50yrs plus and come from a wide range of backgrounds. At the London School of Osteopathy our aim is to enable people from all walks of life to fulfil their dream of becoming an osteopath.

Find out more about entry routes to study

Entry Requirements

At the London School of Osteopathy the teaching clinic is at the heart of your studies. Students have the opportunity to gain clinical experience within their first year of study at our clinic.