Writing a personal statement

Writing your personal statement


The admissions team read all personal statements included in your application form whether it is via UCAS or our part-time application.

Your personal statement helps us evaluate your suitability to study osteopathy at the LSO. We are often asked what makes a successful personal statement. There is no single answer as the personal statement should relate to you and why you want to study Osteopathy and what experience you can bring to the course and the LSO.

A good personal statement should tell us:

  • About you and your current experience, interests, and studies to date which you think are relevant to studying a degree in osteopathy.
  • About the type of person, you are and the attributes you will bring to the LSO that further enhance the positive learning experience.

What we look for in a personal statement:


When we read your personal statement, we are looking for candidates who can demonstrate the following:

  • They have a passion for osteopathy and a desire to further their knowledge in this area.
  • They are willing to challenge themselves and study subjects where they may have little or no prior knowledge.

A good personal statement will also tell us that you have at least two of the following attributes:

  1. Empathy with people
  2. An interest in the human body and how it works
  3. Able to work alone and think independently
  4. Able to work with others and follow procedures
  5. Have a scientific and enquiring mind
  6. Are curious and creative
  7. Have a mature attitude
  8. Integrity and willingness to take responsibility


More information about how to construct your personal statement can be found on the ARU website.



At the LSO we are looking for candidates who can work well within a small group of students, supporting one another and bringing together their different life experiences to enhance their studies.

After reading your personal statement if we feel you will be a person that has the potential to thrive and succeed at the LSO we will invite you for an interview.

Any questions regarding admissions please do get in touch by email info@lso.ac.uk