Gentle hands-on care from birth

Since 2013 the LSO has run a teaching clinic seeing adults, children and babies at Mayfield House in Bethnal Green.

Our paediatric clinic is open every Thursday with Yvette Taylor and Maria Hayes, both experienced osteopaths, who are qualified to treat babies, children and adults.

Before the pandemic, we made very strong links with the paediatric teams in our local hospital and saw many babies who were referred to us by NHS personnel with a great success rate in treating the musculoskeletal issues they presented with.

What to expect on your first visit

On the day of your visit, full details are taken about the problem causing the issue(s) together with information about the pregnancy, delivery and family health. The baby’s carer is asked to undress the baby down to the nappy and Maria or Yvette together with a senior student will examine the baby to try to find the cause of the issue(s). We will discuss what we have found and where appropriate will suggest which type of treatment will be suitable. Treatment of babies is very gentle and they often relax and sleep well after treatment.