EU student funding

Update on EU student funding

Some positive news for EU students looking to study in the UK.

The Government has announced that EU students who start a degree course in 2020/21 will have guaranteed home fee status.

29 May 2019

Osteopathy for Health

The LSO is taking part in the Institute of Osteopathy – #osteopathyforhealth campaign

14th April sees the start of Osteopathic Healthcare Week , an opportunity for us all to focus on our health, with key advice and tips from your osteopath that you can easily introduce into your daily lives to keep you healthier and happier.

April 2019
osteopathy awareness
return of fabella

The return of the Fabella

For all those who think that anatomy is a static subject, who knew that the fabella (sited in the head of the gastrocnemius, usually the lateral one) is increasing in prevalence?

A little bone in the knee scientists thought was being lost to evolution seems to be making a comeback, say experts from Imperial College London. The fabella is found in some people buried in the tendon just behind their knee.

April 2019
Source: BBC News

Award for Health & Social Care

Dr Lucy Mackay Tumber, Clinical Director has been awarded ‘The Vic Finkelstein Award for Health and Social Care’ from the AOUG Foundation for Education.

Lucy’s research was investigating a theory of professional trust in osteopathy and encompassed interviews and focus groups with osteopaths, student osteopaths and patients.

October 2018
health and social care award