Cauda equina syndrome - the little know condition costing the NHS millions.

Cauda Equina Syndrome is a condition which can cause severe spinal injury. The Royal College of GPs says the condition is rare but every doctor should be on alert for it because of how serious it can be. All our osteopathy students are taught the red flag signs for this condition.

Source: BBC News


August 2019


Reflective Practice

The leaders of nine healthcare regulators have joined forces to stress the benefits and importance of good reflection among professionals in the healthcare sector.

The chief executives have signed a joint statement – ‘Benefits of becoming a reflective practitioner‘ – which outlines the processes and advantages of being a good reflective practitioner for individuals and teams.

At the LSO reflective practice is part of our learning and teaching.


June 2019

Government response to consultation on regulatory reform

 The  government published its response to the 2017 consultation ‘Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation on 9 July.  The iO have made a official response to this. The full response can be found on their website.


July 2019

Osteopathy for Health

The LSO is taking part in the Institute of Osteopathy – #osteopathyforhealth campaign

14th April sees the start of Osteopathic Healthcare Week , an opportunity for us all to focus on our health, with key advice and tips from your osteopath that you can easily introduce into your daily lives to keep you healthier and happier.

April 2019


June 2019
osteopathy awareness

The return of the Fabella

For all those who think that anatomy is a static subject, who knew that the fabella (sited in the head of the gastrocnemius, usually the lateral one) is increasing in prevalence?

A little bone in the knee scientists thought was being lost to evolution seems to be making a comeback, say experts from Imperial College London. The fabella is found in some people buried in the tendon just behind their knee.

April 2019
return of fabella