Studying as a mature student

Life as a mature student

Support for mature students

The London School of Osteopathy attracts a high percentage of ‘mature students’ who find that our teaching approach and delivery style appeals to them.

Whether students choose to study on a full or a part-time basis the first week of the course is focused on giving you the skills and tools to help you feel confident in your return to studies.  We help students assess their learning style as well as identifying any (often previously overlooked) particular educational needs such as dyslexia.

At the LSO we keep our class sizes to less than 30 students which enables them to quickly get to know one another. The LSO encourages students to work in small groups, supporting and taking advantage of the different skills and attributes that individuals bring to the course.

Being with a group of people who bring a wealth of  experiences to the classroom, gives an added benefit to the learning experience.


Choosing to study part-time

At the LSO we appreciate that students are often managing their studies alongside work and family commitments,  our part-time course has been designed with this in mind. Lectures take place on 18 alternative weekends throughout the year allowing you to balance ‘family’ weekends with ‘study’ weekends.

In addition to weekend lectures, students also spend time in our teaching clinic. At the LSO we try to offer students as much flexibility as possible in scheduling their clinic hours to fit in with other commitments. With the clinic open on weekdays from 8am to 8pm and  8am to 5pm on alternative Saturdays throughout the year, students have plenty of opportunity to complete their required hours (with many choosing to do more)!

Full-time study

Our full-time course equally attracts many mature students. For students who have work and family commitments at the weekend, studying during the week is a more practical option. Although full time means a study load of 40hrs a week, scheduled sessions are usually limited to 3 days a week, on the same 3 days for the full semester where possible. 

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