Students at the London School of Osteopathy are taught both in the classroom and at the clinic
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With genuinely small class sizes (maximum of 30), individuals are never overlooked. In practical classes, additional tutors support the main tutor to ensure there is plenty of help at hand.

For a small college, the London School of Osteopathy has a lot of teaching staff! In addition to working part-time with us, all our osteopaths work in clinical practice ensuring their skills are kept sharp. Some work across our classes and our clinic, ensuring congruency between theory and practice.  

Subject specialists such as anatomists and neurologists work in other higher educational institutions or medical schools. This diversity helps to expose students to a wide range of approaches and ideas, and prevents them from becoming reliant on just one approach.

IT and library support

The London School of Osteopathy posts the majority of student material on Google Drive, so you can access it from any location. We have a dedicated library on site, as well as a collection of plastic bones and anatomical models.

As one of our students you will also be a student of Anglia Ruskin University, with access to a wealth of digital journals and e-books via your student login.

 “The environment has been great. For the last three years I have had a lot of support from all the tutors and staff and am really happy and motivated studying here.”


“When I arrived here I was surrounded by wonderful warm natured people  I like the way that they teach us, the style of learning here helps me as an adult and helps me in my career as well. The skills that you receive here make you want to do more to help your community, your peers your environment and that is what I love about the LSO.”

Ashley Davids, background: nurse and theatre manager