London School of Osteopathy  Learning Resource Bursary

All LSO students are entitled to our bursary which is paid each year of your study.

In your first year the bursary is not received as a financial payment. Instead the monies are used to pay for the essential items required during your first year which means there are no additional costs to pay during your first year. The bursary covers the following:

  • Your required text books
  • DBS check
  • Clinic Coat
  • Clinic Name badge

In the subsequent years this is paid in 3 instalments during the academic year and will take the form of vouchers or for self-funding students a discount off fees.


Bursary for students in 2023 / 2024


Full-Time Students

£400 per annum (note for BOst students the bursary will be £200 in their final year of study)


Part-time Students

This is dependent on the number of credits studying each year.

In year 1 and 2 the bursary is £250, in year 3 £300, in year 4 and 5 £400 for MOst students and £300 for BOst students.