After Treatment

Some people get immediate relief from their symptoms, for others it can take longer. It is possible that you might feel a little soreness after osteopathic treatment – this is fairly normal and usually self resolves within 24-48 hours and may be aided by using ice packs &/or heat (the student can advise you on how to do this safely).

It is often the case that a few treatments are required in order to resolve a musculoskeletal problem as no two people respond to treatment in the same way and people heal at different rates.  The osteopathic student and clinic tutor may give you an indication of how many treatments are likely to be required however this can be subject to change due to your progress.

If possible the same student will see you on your next visit but this cannot be guaranteed due to student availability but you will always be seen by a senior student overseen by a clinic tutor.

Continuing care

As a teaching clinic, consultations and treatments are carried out by senior students, under the guidance of Clinic Supervisors (who are all qualified, registered osteopaths). There will often be several students in the room with you, learning with their colleagues. Sometimes junior students are guided to feel (palpate) your muscles and joints; or carry out a specific movement or part of a treatment.

Students are encouraged to support patients by seeing them regularly (if that is what the patient needs).  However it is not always possible for patients to see the student of their choice.  If it is imperative for a patient to always be seen by the same practitioner, they will be facilitated in finding a suitable private practitioner locally.

If you are ever unhappy with the way you are treated, please let the student &/or tutor know as soon as you are able. This is very important in a learning environment.  Equally, if you are pleased with a student’s approach or performance, we would like you to share that too!