full or part time study

Flexible osteopathy study options

At the London School of Osteopathy students have the flexibility of studying a degree in osteopathy on a full-time or a part-time basis.

A full-time course takes 3 ½ years or 4 years depending on whether you qualify with an MOst or a BOst. 

A part-time degree takes 5 years to complete.  The duration of the course has been carefully considered and structured to enable students to manage the timetabled lectures, home learning and required clinical hours whilst continuing to manage external work commitments. In certain circumstances if required the part-time MOst course can be extended to 6 years if a student needs to extend their studies over a longer period.

Whether you study on a full-time or part-time basis:

  • All students are initially enrolled on the MOst course
  • Lectures take place between 9am- 5pm with no evening commitment to timetabled studies
  • Flexibility to schedule in your clinic hours
  • Small class sizes
  • Flexibility at various points during your studies to transfer from a part-time to a full-time course and vice versa.

Studying full-time

Lectures take place between Monday and Friday 9am – 5pm, where possible contact teaching hours are kept to 3 days per week leaving 2 days free for self directed study and clinic hours. 

In addition students spend time in our clinic gaining all important ‘hands-on’ clinical experience.  In year 1 this will consist of 100 hours per year, increasing to 600 hours in the final year.



Studying part-time

Lectures take place on alternative weekends between 9am – 5pm (Saturday and Sunday) for a total of 18 weekends between September and June. Students spend additional time in our clinic. In year 1 this will consist of 50 hours over the year and then gradually increases to 600 hours in the final year. Our flexible approach to learning extends to your studies within the clinic. Students are given the freedom where possible to select the hours each month they will spend in clinic.


Below is an example of how many hours you will need to allocate per week to each course option in the first year.

Full-Time Students

Orientation week. Followed by 2 semesters comprising of:

  • 12 weeks of teaching
  • Study period
  • Exam period

Part-Time Students

  • 17 alternative weekends – consisting of 14 hrs of contact teaching each weekend
  • 1 weekend of exams

Full-time students

100 hrs over the year

Part-time students

50 hrs over the year

Full-time students

40 hrs of engagement a week, of which 12 hrs (usually spread over 3 days) is contact teaching. The rest is self-study or clinic attendance.

Part-time students

Weekly study commitment approximately 14 hrs.