Covid safety measures

Patient Information

Clinic Opening Hours 
  • Monday to Friday and 8am-8pm
  • Alternate Saturdays (non-teaching weekends) 9am-5pm

Telephone bookings 8am-8pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. 8am-6pm Thursdays and 9am-5pm alternate Saturdays

Face Masks

Face masks must still be worn both by clinicians and patients in the clinic.


At the clinic

When you come for your appointment at Mayfield Clinic we ask that you arrive at the time of your appointment to minimise the number of people in the reception area. A face covering must be worn at all times that you are inside the building. All tutors and students will be wearing face masks in accordance with Government guidelines and are following all current health and safety procedures to ensure your safety and welfare.

Appointment times are set to approximately 90 minutes for a first consultation although the student will leave the room to present to the Clinic Tutor at designated points. Subsequent appointments are scheduled to last 30 – 40 minutes in order to allow time for room cleaning and airing.  Staff and students will guide you through the appointment process and ensure your welfare while on site. As we are limited regarding the number of people allowed in the treatment room at any one time, it is not possible to facilitate family or friends to accompany you at this time. If you need the help of a translator or a chaperone then please speak to the Admin staff when booking the appointment to discuss this.

Our internal camera network has been reconfigured so that the Clinic Tutor and designated observing student(s) can observe the consultation from a secure observation room.  This is essential for your wellbeing, and for the learning of thestudent team.  This live feed is securely transmitted to the observation room and no recordings are permitted.  You and the Attending Student can speak to the Clinic Tutor through the live feed, and the Clinic Tutor can speak back to you.  When appropriate, the Clinic Tutor will come into the treatment room with the Attending Student.  You will not be observed whilst undressing / re-dressing.


We no longer have soft furnishing as we are working with surfaces that can be cleaned down after each patient. If you wish to bring a towel or blanket (for modesty or warmth) you are welcome to do so.