Apply to study at the LSO 

There are two ways to apply to the LSO depending on whether you choose to study for your osteopathy degree on a full-time or part-time basis. Both routes will allow you to become a registered osteopath.

All students are enrolled on the MOst degree course. At the start of the third year of the full-time course or  fourth year of the part-time course, you have the option to switch to the BOst degree. Your tutors will be able to help you make this decision.


Apply to study for a full-time Osteopathy degree starting September 2022

  • Simply set up your UCAS account and you will be guided through the online application form.
  • To apply for the LSO’s undergraduate MOst course you need to fill in our institution code which is A60 (for Anglia Ruskin which is the validating body) and course code B310.
  • In addition you will be asked for a campus code which is S for LSO.
  • Once you have submitted your application please email with your details including UCAS number so we can follow up your application.

Once you have completed your application UCAS will automatically forward it to us to consider.




Apply to study for a part-time Osteopathy degree starting September 2022

  • Applicants who wish to study-part time do so by applying directly to the LSO.
  • To apply simply fill in our online form

Once you’ve submitted the form it will be passed to our admissions team

Accredited Prior Learning

At the LSO we are happy to consider applications with previous study for Accredited Prior Learning (APL) from other healthcare courses. If you would like to be considered for APL please email the Registrar who will be happy to consider your position.

Next Steps

  • Once we have received your application either via UCAS or via our online form it will be passed to our admissions team.
  • Successful applicants will then be invited to attend an interview via Zoom or alternative online platform if you are unable to access Zoom.
  • Shortly after this you will be notified of our decision.

NOTE: We aim to process applications within 2 weeks of submission. All candidates will be notified of whether or not your application is successful. If  you haven’t heard about your application after 2 weeks please do get in contact with us either by emailing

If you are unsure of whether to study on a full-time or part-time basis please call the LSO and our Registrar will be happy to discuss your options or alternatively come along to one of our online Open Days.


To be eligible to study as an EU student at the LSO you must have arrived in the UK before 1 January 2021 and applied for the EU Settlement Scheme to stay longer than 30 June 2021. Students arriving after this date will be classed as International Students and will not be eligible to study at the LSO as we do not hold an International licence. For more information about EU student status click here

If you are an Irish national, these changes will not apply to you.

For help & guidance at any time, contact our Registrar by emailing

Full-time B.Ost./M.Ost.

Part-time B.Ost./M.Ost.

Book and come to an Open Event

Full-time: apply by completing the application form via UCAS. It is important you use the correct details as shown below:

  • Institution code: A60 (Anglia Ruskin University, our validating University)
  • Course code: O for osteopathy and B310 (all students register for the MOst and can transfer to the BOst once on the course).
  • Campus code: S for LSO.

Part-time: apply directly to the London School of Osteopathy by completing this application form.

The LSO considers your application and decides whether to invite you for an interview.

Attend an individual applicant interview online. The interview usually lasts about 30 minutes.

You will be notified of the outcome of your interview by UCAS within 1 week. If you receive an offer it will be either conditional or unconditional, and you will have to accept or decline your offer by the date specified.

You will be notified of the outcome of your interview by the LSO within 1 week. If you receive an offer it will be either conditional or unconditional, and you will have to accept or decline your offer by the date specified.

If you accept the offer you can begin preparing for life as an LSO student.

To help you to prepare for study the LSO will send out a series of short workbooks for you to complete in your own time. Books will be sent out from May onwards to applicants with confirmed places.