Academic excellence

As confirmed by our last two Quality Assurance Agency inspections in 2013 and 2018, our standards are excellent. Our diverse teaching staff includes subject specialists and recent graduates, and all our osteopathic tutors are also practising clinicians, ensuring a good fit between training and employability.



The London School of Osteopathy values individuality and welcomes people from all backgrounds, including many mature students. Whether you are already working or planning to join us straight from school, we will encourage you to be yourself and help you to become the kind of osteopath you want to be.



Our part time courses in osteopathy offer a uniquely flexible approach to learning, and are particularly suitable for people who need to combine their studies with work or family commitments. Although you will need to attend fixed teaching sessions on alternate weekends, you will have the flexibility to adapt your clinic times to suit your personal circumstances.


Small Classes

Teaching in small groups allows us to personalise your learning. It creates a family atmosphere, and helps everyone to find their voice. Our cohorts have a maximum size of 30.


Plenty of space

Most universities, even very large ones, have a lot of pressure on their classrooms. We always have plenty of space available during the week for extra practice or study. All our classrooms are equipped with treatment plinths.

“The beauty of the LSO for me has been the small class sizes  and being able to have almost individual attention from the tutors and supporting staff.”

Natasha , former IT Manager