Study at the LSO

How will you study? Full-time or part-time study

At the London School of Osteopathy we offer students the flexibility of choosing to complete their Osteopathy degree on a full-time or a part-time basis.

A full-time course is completed in 3 ½ years or 4 years, depending on whether you qualify with an MOst or a BOst.  A part-time degree is completed in 5 or 6 years.

What qualifications will you receive?

The London School of Osteopathy offers students the choice of qualifying with an integrated undergraduate Masters of Osteopathy (MOst) or Bachelors of Osteopathy (Hons). All students are initially enrolled on the MOst course.

Both osteopathy qualifications enable you to become a fully-fledged independent practitioner of osteopathy, accredited by the General Osteopathic Council.

Where will you study?

Your osteopathy studies will take place both in our college teaching rooms and in our clinic both based in London.

Our teaching rooms are fully equipped with osteopathic plinths. You will be taught in small tutor groups with a max of 30 students per class.

Our community osteopathic clinic has 8 treatment rooms, and is staffed by  Clinic Tutors and reception staff each day.  As a student, you will undertake a extensive clinical training as part of your studies. Importantly at the LSO your clinical training begins in your first year of your studies.

How and what will you study?

The London School of Osteopathy is unusual in that students get involved in our clinic activities from their first semester.   

After practising the hands-on elements in the classroom on each other, students have the opportunity to practise on real patients as they become more proficient. The time you spend in the clinic increases each year enabling you to apply and embed the knowledge and skills acquired in class.

Within the classroom you will study a wide variety of subjects associated with the human body including: anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical diagnosis and osteopathy. Subjects such as sociology, psychology and nutrition are also covered in the course.

You can find out more about what you will study in each year on our course content page.

What financial support is available?

At the LSO each year we provide students with a learning resource bursary worth £400 per year pro rata. In the first year this means you do not need to cover costs of text books, clinical coat and name badge or DBS check. All this is covered as part of your bursary.

For students who are self-funding we also offer the opportunity to pay fees 6 monthly instalments.