The LSO expects applicants to come to The Grange for a face-to-face interview. International students who are unable to travel to the UK may request to have their interview via Skype video.

Interviews are only conducted after an application form has been received.  The purpose of the interview is to add context and depth to the information you have given in your application, and to try and establish if you are attitudinally suited to studying at the LSO, and becoming an osteopath.

The style of interview is known as ‘values based’ interviewing, which is also known as situational or behavioural interviewing. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. You need to draw on your past experiences to find examples to share with us; or consider how you might react in a given situation.

For more information about values based interviewing, there is a simple explanation and contextualisation to a health care setting developed at Oxford University Hospital. Click to view.

The interview is also the time for us to explore with you if you are ready to start the course with the qualifications and life experiences you have, or if you need to do anything else before you can join (such as an access course).

Remember to bring with you original certification of your highest level of qualification, and your passport.