If you have work or family commitments, you will probably find our part-time course most suitable. This involves attending classes every other weekend (Saturday and Sunday) between 9.30 – 17.15, as well as attending clinic (50 hours in year 1, rising to 600 hours in year 5). The timing of your clinic sessions are entirely flexible and, subject to availability can be booked on any clinic shift.

If you are able to study during the week and would like to graduate more quickly, our full-time course is probably your best choice. Classes and scheduled practice / study time are usually kept to 3 weekdays, allowing you flexibility in how you schedule the rest of your study time and clinic attendance.

Students can opt to move from part-time to full-time and vice versa part-way through their studies, although this may mean it will take longer to complete the course as the modules and semesters do not always allow a simple progression.

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This table shows how many hours you will need to allocate per week to each course option

  Year 1: MOst & BOst Full-time Year 1: MOst & BOst Part-time
On-site 2 semesters, each comprising:

·       Orientation / feedback week

·       12 weeks of teaching

·       Study period

·       Exam period

18 weekends,  each containing

13 hrs of contact teaching.

Clinic 100hrs over the year 50hrs over the year.
Commitment 40 hrs of engagement a week, of which 12 hrs (usually spread over 3 days) is contact teaching. The rest is self-study or clinic attendance. Weekly study commitment approx. 14 hrs.

2018/19 course dates

Full time Term Dates:
2018-19 & 19-20

Part time Term Dates (Weekends):
2018-19 & 19-20